• The Keeper5:05
  • Renewal3:39
  • Fallen4:42
  • The Dawn Will Come2:53

  • Blessed Slumber0:00
  • Infant's Lullaby0:00
  • Jesus Loves Me0:00
  • Momma's Music Box0:00


teaser trailer for the documentary, 

"Once is enough"

  • Joy to the World3:31
  • O Holy Night3:57
  • What Child Is This 0:00
  • A Carol4:57

A roughly mixed audio file  of the themes you'll hear in the film 

Benjamin is excited to be the composer for the soon to be released documentary, "Once is Enough," written and directed by the talented actor and comedian, Jeffrey James Binny.

Benjamin is the author of The Keeper of Edelyndia. These songs are pieces he composed as a soundtrack for the novel.


  • Magica 0:00
  • Dark Hollow5:06
  • Dreams Interrupted6:20
  • Rise of a Champion3:34
  • Fields of Athenry4:56